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Bodie Island Lighthouse

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Duration 00:00:19
Description Bodie Island Lighthouse
Keywords Bodie Island Lighthouse - Outer Banks, NC - 16X9

Sand Dunes

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Duration 00:00:29
Description Sand dunes
Keywords Sand dunes - Outer Banks, NC - 16X9


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Duration 00:00:19
Description Waves
Keywords Waves - Outer Banks, NC - 16X9

Wind Surfer

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Duration 00:00:09
Description Wind surfer
Keywords Wind surfer - Outer Banks, NC - 16X9

Storm Waves

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Duration 00:00:31
Description Storm waves against rocks
Keywords Storm waves against rocks - Cape of Good Hope, SA - 16X9

Cape of Good Hope

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Duration 00:00:45
Description Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Keywords Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - 16X9


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Duration 00:00:09
Description Lighthouse, Cape of Good Hope
Keywords Lighthouse, Cape of Good Hope - South Africa - 16X9

False Bay

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Duration 00:00:31
Description False Bay, South Africa
Keywords False Bay, South Africa - 16X9

Jackass Penguins

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Description Jackass penguins
Keywords Jackass penguins - South Africa - 16X9


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Nautilus Productions is a great source for HD video stock footage. This collection features sharks shipwrecks, marine life and military video from around the world. Footage is mastered on 4K, UHD, XDCAM HD, HDV or DVCAM and can be delivered in any format. We are also the exclusive owner and licensor of HD footage and video from Blackbeard the Pirates’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge.


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