Client Feedback

“[Rick] has worked energetically and enthusiastically in conditions that often are unfavorable, uncomfortable, and challenging for diving, filming, or anything else. Rick is totally professional and a great companion for our research crews, visitors, and media representatives. When viewers see underwater footage of the Blackbeard shipwreck site on local TV, or in documentaries by UNC-TV, the BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, or others, that footage was shot by Rick Allen. He does a marvelous job of sharing North Carolina history and lore with the world.” Steve Claggett, State Archaeologist – North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

“Yesterday I had a great presentation of my piece. The channel was very pleased with the whole story and the shooting and atmosphere, so I’d like to thank you one more time for the great and very pleasant work!” Andrea Oster, Osterfilm/IFAGE – Germany

“I just spoke to Dale Webb from Two Four about your shoot last Wednesday, Nautilus SquareSMhe wanted me to pass on to you his thanks for your work, he said you were great to work with and they are editing the footage now and it looks good. So thanks from us as well.” Georgia Boyce, Atlantic TV

“Thanks for all the hard work today! Your team was on point, and made it easy for us.” Matt Orcutt, Manager, Production, WMTV

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Nautilus Video’s work during my two days in Fayetteville, NC. I found Rick Allen & Ric Hase to be extremely professional, flexible, knowledgeable & experienced. Based on their skills alone, I would request/recommend them in the future. To top it off, I really enjoyed their company & attitudes; they were just two fun guys to work with.” Tom Oates, EFXMEDIA

I just wanted to acknowledge what a great job you did in North Carolina for us. Impressive stuff. You will be hearing from us on any and all shoots in your area. Thanks so much for the great work.” Brian Puterman, “Amazing Vacation Homes” – Travel Channel

“This past summer you’ve helped us out with some challenging projects. Despite all the challenges on these shoots you handled yourself with the professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm that you bring to every one of our shoots… and for that I thank you. On behalf of all of us at Crews Control…thank you for representing the best in our industry.” Andrea Keating, Crews Control

“I’m really so happy with what you did. You did a stupendous job and I just wanted to pass that along. If I ever need a cameraman in your neck of the woods you will certainly will be the first person I’ll call. So thanks again for doing all you did and getting all the various elements and working as hard as you did and making the shoot as successful as one could possibly hope for.” Christine Brandt, “Storm Warning!” – Discovery

“Thanks for all your good work!! Everyone has nothing but good things to say about you and your work.” Charla Dubsky, Visual Eyes.

“Many thanks for your assistance in helping make The Coca-Cola Card re-energize video…I appreciate the role that you played toward achieving that end.” Nancy A. Rockel, Coca-Cola

“…you did a great job for me and really helped me out in a pinch, at the last moment. The interview and b-roll you shot for me added a lot to my overall report…” Mason Funk, Fox Sports

“Just wanted to let you know that Rick did a great job for us at the High Point location last week…It’s nice to know there is someone we can depend on down there when we need video.” Tom Ferdman, Aetna

“We are going to finish the documentary with the working title “Hamilton – Biography of a Manatee” soon. While editing we remarked, not for the first time, that Rick Allen is an AWESOME cameraman, topside and under water. Just sayin’.” Ulf Marquardt, Marquardt Medienproduktion

“Great job! I finished editing the Chesapeake piece last night. It’s the best of the bunch… Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. “The Rick’s” come through again.” Dan Schultz, Office Depot